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We love weddings! One great aspect of the work we do is getting to celebrate in the joining of two people with all of their family and friends. With your photo booth rental we work with you & your team to complement your wedding, all while capturing an awesome night of memories. ​


A popular option for our wedding parties is our custom scrapbook, which often doubles as the couple's guestbook.  By including a scrapbook with your photo booth rental, it enhances the picture taking experience by allowing your guests to customize their photos with their own personal message. It's an excellent way to remember the day & have everyone write something special in a book you can cherish the rest of your life. 

We bring all the materials needed to assemble your scrapbook, including the scrapbook itself! Once your guests complete their session at the photo booth, two copies of their photos are printed. Your guest keeps one copy and the other copy is placed into the scrapbook where they're then able to customize their pages to you.Your guests get to decorate their page with their photo as well as with the provided markers and embellishments.  Your scrapbook will be assembled on site by our entertainer during the event and is delivered to the you at the end of the event. It's sure to be a fun and professional solution for the wedding couple's special day. 


Another popular option for our wedding parties is our slideshow projection from the photo booth. Have your guests go through the booth and watch those images displayed at your event via our projector and adjustable projector screen. Perfect if the photo booth happens to be away from the main party space as a gentle reminder of the fun going on in the other room.This also works well if you already plan on having your own slideshow played during the event. 

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