Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a retainer?

Yes, reservation of your date and time requires a retainer and your signed rental agreement. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to the event date, unless otherwise agreed upon

Do you offer any discounts?

Our minimum Selfie Booth rental is 4 hours and our minimum Party Booth rental is 2 hours of operational time. We have special discounts for schools and non-profit organizations, active military, and events being held on weekdays (Monday thru Thursday). Check out our Pricing page for additional information.

What colors & sizes are the prints available in?

Your photos are available in color, black and white as well as sepia tones. Our most popular print sizes include the traditional 2” x 6” photo strip as well as a 4” x 6” size. As the host, you also receive digital copies of all of the images from your event. Not only the template images, but also the high-resolution single images! Check out our Gallery to view our popular photo styles!

Are we limited to the amount of photos we can take?

In working with our graphic designer, and creating your custom template design, you decide how many pictures are within a photo booth session. (Number varies by template size.) You and your guests have unlimited sessions in the photo booth during the operational times of your rental. Visit our Gallery to view our popular template options!

Do you provide me with double prints?

With our Print, Red Carpet and Custom Experiences, each guest will receive a hard-copy print after each photo session, no matter if there’s two people in the session or 16!

Are digital copies included in the photo booth rental?

Yes! With your Party Booth rental we will provide you with two links to your high-resolution digital photo copies within 48 hours of your event. You’ll receive not only the template versions of your photos, but single images as well! One link will be to your personal album within our online Gallery, which you can optionally choose to password protect. The second link will be a downloadable .zip file link which allows you to easily download your images to your home computer.

What size are the photo booths?

The Party Booth stands at approximately eight feet tall fully assembled and is approximately 18” in width. Our smallest curtain backdrop is 8’ x 8’ and, with most rental experiences, we also provide a six foot table. For these reasons we require a minimum of a 10' x 10' x 10' covered area within 10' of the nearest standard electrical outlet. All equipment can easily be loaded onto our dolly and moved through a standard doorway and elevator.

How much space do you require?

For our Selfie Booth rentals we require a minimum covered 6' x 6' x 6' area within 10' of the nearest standard electrical outlet. When including a curtain backdrop with your Selfie Booth rental we require a 10' x 10' x 10' area to accommodate proper backdrop placement. For our Party Booth rentals we require a minimum covered 10’x10’x10’ area within 10' of the nearest standard electrical outlet. We require a slightly larger space when including the red carpet and stanchions in your rental experience, at 10’x15’x10’.

What are your electrical needs?

We require a minimum 10'x10'x10' COVERED area within ten feet of an electrical outlet (110v, 20amp, 3 prong). We will provide a ten foot extension cord.

Will someone be there to attend to the photo booth?

Unless you have selected our Selfie Stand booth, your rental experience includes one of our friendly and professional photo booth attendants. The attendant will setup the booth and will remain with the booth throughout your event. They are formally trained to ensure things run smoothly and that your guests are having a great time creating awesome memories.

Is setup and breakdown included in my rental price?

Yes. Your photo booth host will arrive one hour prior to the start of operational time to setup the photo booth, unless otherwise agreed upon. Breakdown occurs after booth operational time and is typically completed within 30 minutes, depending on rental experience

How many people can fit in the photo booth?

With our open air style booths the posing area is approximately 8’ x 5’ and can accommodate as many guests as can fit into this area for large group photos. We usually will suggest a maximum of 10-12, although we’ve seen groups as large as 23!

Are you able to set up outside? Are there any additional fees?

We do not recommend using the photo booth outdoors due to the irregularity of weather/light. However, we are able to setup our Party Booth outside on a level surface by adding our canopy tent, weights and side walls to your order. Just make sure that the area reserved for the photo booth meets our spatial requirements and is within ten feet of a standard electrical outlet. We do require that we use our canopy tent for any outdoor events as it has been purchased specifically to fit our equipment

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