Hi Everyone!

This holiday season we are operating at limited capacity and might just be forced to set the rest on fire.

     Photo Booth Equipment Stolen - The person who took this stuff is local and went into hiding. This includes most of our Christmas stuff, props, backgrounds. On the bright side, you could book him for your holiday party since, he has most of our stuff. For obvious reasons, he has his phone off.

     Break-ins whoever took paperwork, discs, thumb drives, photos, SD cards. They took data, lots of data.

     Vehicle Stolen - Whoever, took nothing. Car was sold at auction after it was impounded. Though it took 3 days from impound to auction, which seemed strange. Someone broke into the other two vehicles for computers. Whoever was nice enough to send me screen shots of the computer through my Google drive after they stole it.

     Data missingStorage units broken into, documents modified, things missing. I haven't been able to get into my Facebook or email for about five years now. Again, look at how awesome people are!

     Can't get into Google Business pages for any of our domains. Any settings that changed on the current ones don't take effect. Went to Google in person, didn't seem to care the slightest bit.

     Whoever took this stuff knew exactly what they are going for. Computers keep disappearing. Vehicles keep getting broken into. Data modified, some deleted, some just keeps popping up. Every time they keep going for specific things as if my stuff is already cataloged somewhere. Property stolen, land taken and even re-written like it never happened. All of us know that it did.

     Family photosMissing. Photos of random stuff, missing. Concert photos, missing. Birthday and Father's Day cards, missing. Something still has control of my phone and internet to where it's not "normal".

    Dog killedWhoever came back and stole her collar, dog tag and ashes in three separate thefts. I was told that this was a "warning". Maybe stick around the next time so I can meet you myself.

     Child abducted - I don't think I need to go in depth on this one. Yes, that happened.

     The people who did this to me, knew way too much. They knew exactly how to hurt all of us, they knew exactly 

what to take and when to take it, so they did. Some people were intentionally pushed away from me in ways that I still don't believe. Now I just want to grab the one person I care about and get out of this state.

     So, Hey. If you could spare some good vibes, maybe some (or all) of your services and or resources so I can find the people who did this and get my life back, that would be great. Maybe my vehicle magically appears that I poured my heart into soul into, that would be awesome. Maybe my internet should work again and not have to enter in a password 4 times or get re-routed several different ways, that would be fantastic.

     Our service quality has gone down the last few years, this is why. We lost everyone, something keeps going after "stuff" and messing with the people close to me. These attacks that happened to me were coordinated and planned.

     I lost everything. After all the break-ins, sabotage, obductions, stalking and just crap that I've been through got some holiday cheer to plan without letting all of this stupidity bother me. I've got one person to get out of a shitty situation and I've got stuff to do, playing games like this isn't one of them.

     I used to be an awesome person, whoever was so hell bent on screwing with me. So, to whoever: Congratulations, you've won. You've successfully ruined several lives intentionally, look at you go!

     I'm missing somewhere around $500,000 and lost more work than I care to actually talk about. This affects EVERYONE in ways that I don't think many will connect, the ones that do would be considered crazy.

I'm a photographer, what am I missing here? Why me?

Happy Holidays!

The last of the SPB team.


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