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Optional Add-On Details

Not all add-ons are available with all Booth types.
Our Booths for additional information. 

Additional Operational Time
Additional Operational Time | Seattle Photo Booths

Sometimes the party goes longer than expected and guests can't get enough of the photo booth. That's okay! Let us know if you'd like us to stay longer and we'll settle up after the event. 

Idle Time
Idle Time | Seattle Photo Booths

Why have the photo booth in operation when your guests' attention is directed elsewhere? Add idle time for early setup, dinner hours, or award presentations. 

Social Sharing Kiosk

Allows you and your guests to instantly share digital copies of your photo sessions at the event. Email and text message are most popular. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also available by request.

Custom Props

If your event has a specific theme that you'd like to incorporate into your photos add custom themed props to your rental package! With custom themed props we work with you to create a shopping cart specific to your event needs. Different tiers are available depending on your  budget. 

Custom Overlay
Custom Overlay | Seattle Photo Booths

We have a large selection of pre-designed overlays to choose from for your event. However, sometimes you need something just a bit different to be inline with your vision. With this upgrade we will work with you on an overlay custom to your specific event needs. You will be working with our in-house graphic designer to make sure your guests take away an awesome souvenir unique to your event.

Fantastic Backdrops
Fantastic Backdrops | Seattle Photo Booths

We seriously aren’t kidding when we say that we have fantastic backdrops! With our large selection, you are sure to find exactly what you need to match the photos to your theme. All of our backdrops are very high quality, professional grade curtains. We offer 8’ x 8’ fabric and sequin as well as 8’ x 10’ fabric backdrops to accommodate even larger groups. Our sequin curtains are specifically designed to offer just the right amount of bling and texture to the background without taking away from the action happening in the foreground. With all of that we still have the option of customizing further with the Green Screen and HD Custom Backdrop!

Red Carpet & Stanchions
Red Carpet & Stanchions | Seattle Photo Booths

If your event has a classier ambiance, this is a great add-on. Not only does it serve as an excellent form of crowd control, but it also brings a level of sophistication to the photo booth. As guests navigate the red carpet, between velvet ropes, they begin to feel like the stars they are before ever stepping in front of the camera.

Canopy Tent
Canopy Tent | Seatle Photo Booths

We do not recommend using the photo booth outdoors due to the irregularity of weather/light. However, we are able to be set up outside on a level surface when you add our canopy tent to your order. Just make sure that the area reserved for the photo booth meets our spatial requirements and is within ten feet of a standard electrical outlet. We require the use of our canopy tent as it has been purchased specifically to fit our equipment’s spatial, lighting control and safety needs.   

Lead Capture
Branding | Seattle Photo Booths

Our photo booth comes branded for Seattle Photo Booths, however we are more than willing to put your specific branding in place of ours if you want to incorporate the booth even more into the theme of your event. We get excited when we are asked to represent our awesome clients!

Lead Capture | Seattle Photo Booths

Generally for corporate events. Capture the Name, Phone, or Email of your guests and retain these emails for your future marketing campaigns.

Analytics | Seattle Photo Booths

Track uploads, views and engagement of your guests shared photo sessions.

Projector & Screen
Projector & Screen | Seattle Photo Booths

We provide a six foot projector with screen, projector and computer equipment. If client provides projector and screen discounted prices apply.  The photo booth always tends to be a popular focal point at any event because the next best thing to being in the photo booth yourself is seeing how your friends/family/coworkers photos turned out. Keep the guests mingling by adding the projector and screen to your package.

Scrapbook Service
Scrapbook Service | Seattle Photo Booths

This is the perfect addition to any event that deserves its own special keepsake, but it is most popular for weddings. We set up a table near us, provide the book, stickers, pens, glue, and embellishments, and encourage everyone who visits the booth to get an extra print and add a memory in the scrapbook. We also monitor the whole process and make sure things stay organized.

Green Screen
Green Screen | Seattle Photo Booths

It’s true, we have an awesome selection of backdrops, but sometimes our inventory just doesn’t match your vision. That’s okay, we have a solution for you. If you don’t want the commitment of a custom printed backdrop, consider our green screen. You can submit up to six images of your choice that you would like to see displayed behind your guests.

HD Custom Backdrop
HD Custom Backdrop | Seattle Photo Booths

When you just can’t find exactly what you need in our inventory, or when you have something in mind that’s very specific to your event, this is an excellent option. The design of your choice is printed onto a high-quality 8’x10’ fabric backdrop.

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